2003 and 2004    KANUTI LABOR 1 and  KANUTI LABOR 2

>  Talinn - Estonie, Allemagne, Marseille

Skalen was invited in to Kanuti Gildi in Tallinn - Estonia to take part in a session of work, considered as one period of research and experimentation of which the goal was to confront various artistic steps related to the dance, the music and the visual arts between German, Estonian and French artists.

2004    ALVEARE_03

>  Prato, Barcelone, Marseille

Within the framework of the European project ALVEARE.03, Skalen began a research around a multi-media and interactive scenic environment: a sensitive carpet provided with MIDDI sensors, which dependent on the movements, generates sounds and images.

A serie of experiments which were the subject of public presentations in Spain and Italy in 2004.

2003 to 2005    AB_TIME  

>  Oakland, New-York, Marseille

AB_TIME is a project linking the scenes and networks of different countries via the internet.

A performance/concert on line, via a Internet connection, with Californian and Newyorker  artists: Ab_Time attempted to reveal the human and artistic dimension of technology.In the cities concerned…

The dancers, musicians, visual artists, author, digital artists unite to build a new and unique stage on which these various forms of expression can evolve simulanteously, even though separated by thousands of kilometers.