Created in Marseille in 1999, the company skalen is a group of dancers, musicians and visual artists who share a common  work of research and creation. Their aim is to question their own experiences and emotions, creating choreographies in which dance interacts with sound, space and video-image.

Since 2001, the group has created 13 pieces

From 2003 on, we have sought to define new avenues of work through various experiments such as LABORATORIES :

KANUTI LABOR >  Estonie - Allemagne

ALVEARE 03 >  Italie - Espagne

AB_TIME >  Oakland - New-York

The creative process originates from an exchange between the members of the group, growing up with time. This relationship stimulates our choreographic work, in which dance, music and video organically blend. Also, the practise of improvisation is one of the main concepts in our work, which allows us free expression of personal languages within a common context.

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